Where will you place your next IP camera?

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Where will you place your next IP camera?

Postby admin » Sat Nov 01, 2014 8:00 am

More and more people plan to buy more than one IP Camera and install them to capture daily activity at their site. So, we are curious to know the place you will put your next IP camera. I have listed the most common places at home to install the IP camera. Let’s have a look!
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Location 1: The living room
The living room is perhaps the liveliest place in the house. You can take a remote eye on your aged parents and the naughty kids who play around and see where the dog stays to make you have a peace of mind.
Location 2: Nursery
For new parents, IP camera is an indispensable tool to monitor baby. By installing an IP camera in the nursery, young mother can see her baby directly from the mobile device and no need to get up several times at night to the nursery to check whether the baby sleeps well.
Location 3: The kitchen
Being away from home, are you worrying the faucet in the kitchen is dribbling or leaky?
Install an IP camera in the kitchen and you will see whether you have turned off the faucet and make sure that the power of some appliances in the kitchen are cut off.
Location 4: Balcony
You can choose to install an outdoor IP camera on the balcony to see potted plant and the sliding door. Sometimes you can even capture the beautiful scenery that you have never seen.
Location 5: Porch or doorway
An IP camera mounting under the eave can help monitor the porch or doorway so that you can see who has visited you during the day or whether your parcel has been delivered safely. It is also an effective way to deter burglar.
Location 6: Garage or driveway
It is also necessary to place the camera near the garage to monitor both the garage and driveway to prevent some suspicious thieves.
Any other places you want to put the wireless TENVIS smart IP Camera? Just tell us your plan and make the above list more complete!
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Re: Where will you place your next IP camera?

Postby Willy » Wed Nov 18, 2015 9:56 pm


my next IP Camera will be in the living room to replace my JPT3815W with another one with a better definition.

After, 2 outdoor, 1 for the doorway to see who ring outside the house and 1 for back door to prevent intrusion.

I hope it will help you,
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