How to view my camera online

Instructions on how to view camera remotely

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How to view my camera online

Postby narendra » Thu Dec 19, 2013 3:57 am

I have setup my IP391W-HD - H.264 Camera using the IP Camera Wizard Mode and everything is fine until Step 3 (Step 5 is showing error unknown) which means i can view the camera with the Access URL both on PC and on my iPhone (over LAN & 3G) but now i have to view my camera online. I have TP-Link Router (Model No. TL-WA5210G).

I have added the camera IP address in my router Virtual Servers but of no use.
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Re: How to view my camera online

Postby support05 » Thu Dec 19, 2013 8:42 am

wizard can not be used for 391W HD, please forget it/
1. Please connect camera to router instead of PC by cable. The PC should also connect to the same router by cable or by wifi.
2. Please use search tool in PC to search camera. ... urrent.exe
3. After tool find camera, you can access camera via browser by camera's IP and port such as

then please access camera and go to camera setting to set up wifi.

For computer, there are two working modes for our camera which are LAN view (wired and wireless), and Internet View(Remote view).
Remote view means anywhere in any computer or smart phone can view camera.
Address such as is for LAN view, while DDNS address such as (xxxx is the DDNS user name and xx is the port of camera) is for remote view.
If you want remote view, the DDNS status in camera settings must show successful and you need go to router's page to finish port forwarding.

To see live video from Internet, please finish below settings.
1.Please set IP and port like below picture.

2.Please set DDNS like below picture. I have sent a DDNS to you by private message. please use that one. Please notice the status of DDNS.

3. Please open your router's page and do port forwarding manually.The address of router is same with your computer's gateway.
The IP and port customer needs to forward is camera's IP and port. You could find help in the user manual of the router, or find help here. ... rindex.htm
You can also search key words "your router's model port forwarding" in google to find some webpage.

After all has done and succeed, you can open the address (xxxx is the DDNS user name and xx is the port of camera) to see live video anywhere in any computer.

However, there is another better way to get Internet view.
Please download the software easy view into the computer and use it to get live video no matter anywhere in any computer and you don't need to do any other settings. ... taller.exe
Sorry the picture is in Chinese because my computer system is Chinese. If your computer system is English, the interface would be English.

For phone view, 3G view and LAN view totally the same and they have no relation to DDNS and port forwarding because they used S/N of camera to get live video instead of IP or DDNS
here is method.
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