Using a wireless repeater and webcam.

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Using a wireless repeater and webcam.

Postby chabelocorazon » Sat Nov 30, 2013 7:32 pm

Hi all - I have set up my camera (JPT3815) but as it was too far away from the router itself I have had to ensure it has WiFi signal via a wireless repeater. The repeater uses the same password, channel and SSID, so the camera is configured to connect to either the router or the repeater whichever has better signal strength.

The problem is that the camera for some reason drops the repeater signal every now and then and seeks the router, it then has a poor connection. I also have trouble with the image updating in IP Cam Viewer in android when it has bad signal, the PTZ moves the camera but the image freezes - not sure if related.

In the WiFi settings on the camera setup page, is there any way to ensure a signal conenction? I guess the answer may be reconfiguring the way the network is repeated? - Also under the list of SSIDs I have one connection showing with a glove and a line underneath, and one showing without this - does this show the active connection?

Also posting another post about firmware upgrades if you can help! thanks very much!
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Re: Using a wireless repeater and webcam.

Postby support05 » Mon Dec 02, 2013 6:38 am

sorry to hear that.
1. have you test if the wifi problem happen if you move camera closer to router?
if it has no problem when camera is in the range of 10 M, it can prove the wifi signal from repeater of router is not strong enough
2. I suppose the problem of phone view is also caused by the weak signal.
3. please send me picture of what you see on wifi list so that we can know what you mean a glove and a line underneath
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