upnp disable jpt3815

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upnp disable jpt3815

Postby thomas1981 » Thu Oct 24, 2013 7:02 pm

hi, i have ip cam jpt3815w, i live in berlin and i have o2 telefonica line.
the modem is alice astoria network, i cannot whew the ip cam from iphone in 3g line, only in wifi...
i open to modem port forwarding , but from tenvis software the upnp is disable also if the flag is on ....
what i have to do....
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Re: upnp disable jpt3815

Postby support05 » Fri Oct 25, 2013 6:20 am

For computer, there are three working modes for our camera which are wired LAN view, wireless LAN view and Internet View(Remote view).
Remote view means anywhere in any computer or smart phone can view camera.
Address such as is for LAN view, while DDNS address such as http://xxxx.mytenvis.com is for remote view.
If you want remote view, you must finish settings on DDNS and port forwarding.
For phone view, there are LAN view(wifi) such as view and 3G view such as http://xxxx.mytenvis.com. If you want 3G view, you must finish all settings for Internet view in computer first. In other words, you can use 3G view in phone only if you can open the Internet view address in computer first.

1. There are two kinds of interface on camera like below pictures. Which one is yours? old version or new version?


2. Please tell me DDNS status or send me screenshot like one of below pictures


3. Please tell me all information on the label at the bottom of camera.
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