Jpt3815w ddns issue

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Jpt3815w ddns issue

Postby Umekillen » Sat Oct 05, 2013 9:39 pm

Hello support!

I have issues with ddns, it havent worked for me att all the last month.
All i get is DDNS status DDNS Failed: Unknown Error
S/n atzh
Help needed, thanks

Btw its the old JPT3815w
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Re: Jpt3815w ddns issue

Postby support05 » Tue Oct 08, 2013 7:19 am

For computer, there are three working modes for our camera which are wired LAN view, wireless LAN view and Internet View(Remote view).
Address such as is for LAN view, while DDNS address such as is for remote view.
If you want remote view, you must finish settings on DDNS and port forwarding.

To view the camera from Internet, please finish the below procedures.
1. DDNS setting:
Please check status of DDNS.
old DDNS status((10-08-15-21-54).png

If it fails, you can set DDNS setting like this:

you can set DDNS setting like this:
DDNS service:
Update URL:
DDNS Mode: 808
DDNS User: atzh
DDNS Password: xxxxxx
And you can login the camera by this URL:
I've sent password to you by private message. please check.

2. Port forwarding
please open your router's page and do port forwarding manually. The address of router is same with your computer's gateway.
The IP and port customer needs to forward is camera's IP and port.You could find help in the user manual of the router, or find help here. ... rindex.htm
You can also search key words "your router's model port forwarding" in google to find some webpages.

After DDNS and port forwarding succeed, you can open the DDNS address such as to see live video anywhere in any computer.
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Re: Jpt3815w ddns issue

Postby Papawakea » Tue Nov 05, 2013 8:14 am

Hi support!

I have 2 jpt3815w 2013 mounted on wall so i can't read Password for DDNS!!

My s/n are " byrw" and " ccmj" could you send me Password?

Thanks for help
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