4. Please don't use camera wizard any more!

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4. Please don't use camera wizard any more!

Postby support » Thu Jul 03, 2014 1:26 am

When camera is connected to router, the router distribute the IP and port to camera random. So the default IP and port of camera on the label is no use.

How do we know camera's current IP? We must use a camera search tool to find it. Camera wizard is one kind of search tool. We have many other search tool which can also search camera's IP and port.

For other settings such as wifi, DDNS, port forwarding, change IP, we can finish them in camera settings instead of wizard. We developed wizard because it is easy for customer to set wifi, DDNS and other settings. However, we find wifi, DDNS and port forwarding setting on wizard are not accurate. For example, DDNS of camera is successful is camera's setting page but wizard still detect failed.

So we can forget wizard since we find camera's IP and port.Actually, we have already abandoned wizard because it caused too much misunderstanding to customer.

Therefore, if you want set up wifi or check DDNS, please go to camera's setting page to do that. If you want to do port forwarding, please go to your router's page to do that.

Here are other search tool which can replace wizard. So please don't use wizard any more.
http://apps.tenvis.com/Download/391hd20 ... ool%20.exe
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