8. How to view 3815W 2013 version remotely?

Instructions on how to view camera remotely

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8. How to view 3815W 2013 version remotely?

Postby support » Thu Jul 11, 2013 8:05 am

Below instruction is only for model 3815W 2013, 3815W 2014, MIINI319 2013, 602W 2013, 391W 2013. If you find your camera's interface is different from below picture, please don't follow below instruction to set up remote view.

To view the camera remotely, please finish the below procedures.
1. Please uncheck DHCP and fix your camera's IP.

Please check the DDNS status like the below.

If it fails, please read this. What can you do if camera's DDNS status is not successful?

3. Port forwarding
Please open your router's page and do port forwarding manually.The address of router is same with your computer's gateway.
The IP and port customer needs to forward is camera's current IP and port. You could find help in the user manual of the router, or find help here. http://portforward.com/english/routers/ ... rindex.htm
You can also search key words "your router's model port forwarding" in google to find some webpage.
You can open http://canyouseeme.org and input your camera's port number to check if port forwarding succeed and port is open

After DDNS and port forwarding succeed, you can open the address DDNS such as http://xxxx.mytenvis.org:xxxx (replace xxxx with the DDNS user name and xx with the port of camera)to see live video anywhere in any computer.
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