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Email periodic sending

Postby support » Tue Mar 01, 2016 10:09 am

Hi there,
If you want to make camera send images to your email periodically, please read below instruction step by steps.
Note: Only below cameras model support timed capture function, they are TH661, IPROBOT3-2014, JPT3815W-HD, TH692, 391W-HD, Mini 319W-HD, TH671. Other cameras such as JPT3815W do not have such feature.

Step 1: Please access to camera with computer.
Step 2: Plese go to Settings > Alarm > Email settings
email alarming.png

[Sender] Input your E-mail address
[Password] Input your E-mail password
[SMTP server] Input your E-mail's SMTP server name
You may google smtp or check smtp from here:
[SMTP port] 25\465\587
[Encrypt type] None\SSL\TLS\STARTLS , it depends on the mail system
[Receiver] Input your E-mail address

If you get “test fail” when trying to click “test SMTP”, then please:
>To confirm you have entered CORRECT and VALID email address\password\smtp server.
>Try different SMTP port numbers and encrypt types, please try different combinations. Below are some usual combinations:
smtp port 25-None
smtp port 465-SSL\TLS
smtp port 587-STARTTLS
>Try different email severs. If you find Gmail cannot send alarming mail, then try Hotmail or any other email servers.
>If all above methods cannot help you, please upgrade your camera to latest firmware to try.

Step 3: Please go to Capture&Record > Timed capture
, please look at below pictures:
(They are two pictures for two cameras)
timed capture 1.png

timed capture 2.png


Best regards,
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