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Record to SD Card on Alarm and viewing

Postby support » Tue Mar 01, 2016 10:07 am

Hi there,
If you want to make camera record alarming video to SD card automatically, please read below instruction step by step. :)
There are two ways to record alarm video and image to SD card, one is with the help of camera, the other is on the New Tenvis App.

Preface: An SD card must be inserted into camera before recording.

New Tenvis App End
Step 1: Please access camera with New Tenvis App
Step 2: Go to advanced settings> Enable Motion Detection > Record > Micro-SD> Select Alarm Mode
iOS Device
ios-alarm video to SD.png

Android Device

Step 3: View alarm video in SD card
iOS Device
view -alarm video-ios.png

Android Device
android-alarm video to SD.png


Best regards,
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