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FTP alarm sending

PostPosted: Tue Mar 01, 2016 10:01 am
by support
Hello there,
If you prefer, you can have the alarming pictures or video uploaded to an FTP server instead of an email address. There are many choices for FTP servers.

For example, you could enable the built-in FTP servers function on one of your computers or download free FTP server software such as FileZilla Server.

Preface: There are two kinds of FTP alarming, one is send alarm snapshots to FTP server, the other is send alarm video to FTP server. Currently, only camera model TH661 \ IPROBOT3 \IP391W-HD\ JPT3815W-HD \ TH692 \ TH671 support FTP sending feature, other camera models not support.

Step 1:Please access camera with computer
Step 2: Go to settings > Alarm > Enable motion detection
enable motion detection.jpg

Step 3: Enable "alarm to capture images to FTP" or "save the video to FTP server" button
ftp alarm1.png

Step 4: Enter FTP information and test FTP
ftp alarm2.png

[FTP Server]: the server's address
[FTP user name]: the username of FTP server
[FTP password]: the password of FTP server
[Path]: the folder in the server
[Port]: 21 as default

Note 1: If you find there is "test fail" or "unable to connect FTP", please try below methods.

1) Make sure all the settings are correct, you need have enough permission of the ftp server, such as read, write, delete and set new folder
2) Check if your ftp server support the special format of the picture name or not
3) The folder you prepare to upload pictures should exist in ftp server, camera cannot create folder itself
4) Try to close the computer firewall
ftp server.png

Note 2: If the camera tell you that my username or password is incorrect when it isn't, please check your own FTP password.
Tenvis cameras only recognize those FTP password which include letters or numbers.

If you FTP password has special characters such as @#$%^&, please change your FTP password.


Best regards,
Tenvis Support Team

Re: FTP alarm sending

PostPosted: Sun Apr 02, 2017 11:37 am
by dbpirate
I have an error when I try to "save and test" : bad port spec
I try with Filezilla and all works fine, but not with my two JPT3815 (firmware version 1.7.25).
I have set like this :
FTP server : (that is my local NAS Synology)
FTP Port : 21
FTP user : same login than with FileZilla
FTP password : same password than with FileZilla
Directory : one the first directory I see in FileZilla, "IPCAM"

With Filezilla, I use, login and password, port 21, and I see all the directories and directory "IPCAM" of course.
I transfer a file from my PC to the directory IPCAM with FileZilla and the file appears correctly.
So, all works fine with FileZilla but not with my two Tenvis JPT3815.
What can I do ?
Thanks in advance.

Re: FTP alarm sending

PostPosted: Thu Apr 06, 2017 8:04 am
by chrissilix
I've also some problems with the saving Pictures via FTP on my FTP-Server. If I set the preferences of my TH692 in the CAM-Application and send test page, all was fine, but it doesn't save more pictures to ftp-server on my synology-NAS.
I set a timing of 15 min. to save pictures over ftp on my NAS, but there are no pictures. Why?
all rights are setting correctly read/write/use.

I think it should transfer every 15 min. a picture to the NAS.


Re: FTP alarm sending

PostPosted: Fri Apr 07, 2017 6:00 pm
by dbpirate
Nobody answers here :(