Do you need a network cable to set up for the first time?

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Do you need a network cable to set up for the first time?

Postby support » Fri Jun 27, 2014 6:47 am

Our camera supports wifi. But camera needs to connect router by cable for the first time . Then you can use a computer or a phone to access camera and set up wifi in camera's setting. Finally, you can remove the cable of camera if wifi is connected successfully.

But our model IP ROBOT3, TH661 and 3815W HD have a WPS button. If your router or hotspot also has the WPS button, please press your router or hotspot's WPS for several seconds, and then please quickly press camera's WPS button for several seconds. The power LED in front of camera will flash quickly, which means camera connects to wifi successfully in this way.

But what if your router doesn't have ethernet port nor wps button? you can try below method. You must have a computer which supports wifi function to finish below steps. The pictures of method are for windows computer

1. Remove your laptop's network cable and disable wifi connection to make your computer not connect to router and Internet.
2. Plug camera into computer with network cable.
3. Install search tool to detect camera.
software for windows ... ool%20.exe
software for MAC ... chTool.dmg
(If your MAC computer can't install above software, please click here to solve it. viewtopic.php?f=13&t=118141)
3. After search tool find camera's IP and port, you will find computer can not open the view address which is made up of camera's IP and port.

4. Please go to your computer's network page according to below picture.(we take win 7 as example, windows xp or windows 8 are a little different)
2015-03-11_110354.png (28.47 KiB) Viewed 17790 times
2015-03-11_110431.png (36.59 KiB) Viewed 17790 times

5. Please fix the network like below picture.

6. Use search tool to search camera again. This time you will find browser can access camera.

7. Please access camera via browser and go to its webpage to find the place to set up wifi.
Select the wifi from router, type password and click save. Below picture is for TR3818.The interface of other model may be different.

8. After wifi is set up, please remove network cable of camera. Please enable your computer's wifi to connect to router and Internet.
9. Finally, please use search tool to detect camera. If it can find camera, it means camera is connected to router via wifi successfully and you can access it on computer or phone app.
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