Camera Live installation on PC within Interal Network

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Camera Live installation on PC within Interal Network

Postby support » Sun Feb 28, 2016 3:07 pm

Hi there,
This topic will instruct you how to view camera video with your PC web browsers, however, this method is only limits to Interal network which means both camera and computer must be connected to same router.

Step 1: Hardware Installtion
Please click HERE

Step 2: Software Installation
Please install one of following software into your computer (one is enough)

<Software for Windows>
Tenvis Search Tool
Tenvis EasySetup
<Software for Mac>
Tenvis Search Tool
Tenvis EasySetup

Step 3: Run "Tenvis Search Tool" or "Tenvis EasySetup" to search your camera
After tool find camera, you can access camera via browser by camera's IP and port such as

Step 4: Enter camera username and password

(username: admin | password: your password, admin as default)
username and password.png

If you find you can't open camera's LAN view address such as and see error message like picture below.

please fix it like picture below

Best regards,
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