12. What can you try if camera doesn't work?

Some methods to solve camera's trouble

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12. What can you try if camera doesn't work?

Postby support » Wed Jun 18, 2014 6:25 am

Here are steps to set up camera.

please connect camera to power source by adapter.
1. Please connect camera to router instead of computer by cable. The computer should also connect to the same router by cable or by wifi.
2. Please use search tool in computer to search camera.(one is enough)
software for windows
http://apps.tenvis.com/Download/iprobot ... urrent.exe
software for MAC
http://apps.tenvis.com/Download/JPT3815 ... or_Mac.zip
http://apps.tenvis.com/Download/JPT3815 ... chTool.dmg
(If your MAC computer can't install above software, please click here to solve it. viewtopic.php?f=13&t=118141)
3. After tool find camera, you can access camera via browser by camera's IP and port such as

But if search tool can not find camera, what can we do?

Please try below methods.(they are not steps for one method)
1. Please make sure the camera is connected to the router via network cable. The computer must connect same router by cable or by wifi.
2. please notice whether the camera will rotate when it is connecting to power source. Rotation means camera is on. If it can't spin when connecting to power source, please check with another adapter(This method is just for model 3815W, ROBOT2, TR 3818, ROBOT3 and TH661, not for other models which can not pan and tilt like MINI319 or 391W HD)
3. Please check status of two lights at the back of camera. Normally, one should be steady and the yellow one should be flashing.Flashing means camera is connected to router and network successfully. If neither is flashing, please change ethernet port of router and cable to have a try.(Model MINI319 is an exception because there is no light on its ethernet port.)
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4 Please reset the camera. The link below is the method to reset camera.
5. Please check if phone app New Tenvis can detect camera.

If all above methods can't work, it is almost sure that camera is broken or faulty.
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