Viewing Videostream via VLC Player

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Viewing Videostream via VLC Player

Postby support » Mon Sep 07, 2015 9:21 am

Dear valued users,
If you want to watch your camera videostream with VLC player, please do the following settings:
A download VLC player
B What's my RTSP port number? And what's the camera's viewing address?
RTSP Port.png

rtsp://[ip]:[port]/11?[username]:[password] ( high resolution )
rtsp://[ip]:[port]/12?[username]:[password] ( med resolution )
rtsp://[ip]:[port]/13?[username]:[password] ( low resolution without sound )

replace [ip] with your camera's IP
replace [port] with your camera's RTSP port which is 554
C Input the RTSP url into VLC Player:
VLC UI 1.png

VLC UI 2.png
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