5.What to do if your MAC computer can't install search tool?

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5.What to do if your MAC computer can't install search tool?

Postby support » Fri Apr 10, 2015 8:39 am

For computer view, every camera has an address which is made up of camera's IP and port so that computer's browser can open the address to view camera. But customer needs use a software to search camera's IP and port.
Below is the link to download the software which can detect camera's IP and port.

Please connect camera to power source by adapter.
1. Please connect camera to router instead of computer by cable. The computer should also connect to the same router by cable or by wifi.
2. Please use search tool in computer to search camera's IP and port.
One is enough.
software for windows
http://apps.tenvis.com/Download/391hd20 ... ool%20.exe
http://apps.tenvis.com/files/1TENVIS%20 ... .2.1.2.exe
software for MAC
http://apps.tenvis.com/Download/391hd20 ... chTool.dmg
http://apps.tenvis.com/files/TENVIS%20E ... .1.1.2.dmg
3. After tool find camera, you can access camera via browser by camera's IP and port such as

The user name and password of camera are admin if you did not change its default one. On computer, please don't use your email user name and password of on phone app New Tenvis.

But many customers find their MAC computer can't install search tool and face the problem like picture below.

How to install search tool if computer shows that message?
Here are steps.
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