1. How to replace camera's UID?

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1. How to replace camera's UID?

Postby support » Wed Jun 03, 2015 10:01 am


1. Please connect camera to router by cable(if you have already set up wifi for camera, there is no need to plug with cable). The computer should also connect to the same router by cable or by wifi.(Since model TH671 doesn't have ethernet port, please use phone app New Tenvis to set up TH671 so that it connects wifi from router)

2. Please install a search tool on computer to search camera's IP and port.
software for windows
http://apps.tenvis.com/Download/391hd20 ... ool%20.exe
software for MAC
http://apps.tenvis.com/Download/391hd20 ... chTool.dmg
(If your MAC computer can't install above software, please click here to solve it. viewtopic.php?f=13&t=118141)

3. After tool find camera, you can access camera via browser by camera's IP and port such as
(The user name and password of camera are admin which is on the label of camera if you did not change its default one. On computer, please don't use your email user name and password on phone app New Tenvis.)
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4. Please click one of 3 links below and replace UID according to instruction on link's page. After you finish all steps, please go to camera's setting web page to check if UID has changed. But please wait for several minutes to check because the web page may not update.

link 1-------link 2-------link 3

In order to know which link you need click, please check your camera's model number and firmware version first, and then select link according to your camera's model and firmware version
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1. If your camera's UID is lost, please just use the UID on label of camera.
2. If you need replace old UID with a new UID, please send email to support@tenvis.com to ask a new UID. But your email should state the problem of your camera first.
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