3. Multi-viewing on one screen

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3. Multi-viewing on one screen

Postby support » Mon Apr 13, 2015 2:02 am

For Tenvis camera, some models support viewing two or more images on one page of browser, while some are not. Even if for one model, some support while some not.

Besides, if a camera supports multiple view, it means it supports the camera with same firmware series, not different firmware.
For example, if a camera's firmware is, it can only support the camera which is also on firmware

Here is a list of camera which supports multiple view.

Our cameras supports all browsers viewing such as IE, firefox and safari,except Google Chrome.
But if you wanna see two or more cameras' image on one page, the browser must install a plug-in to realize that function.
At present, we just develop this plug-in for IE.
Therefore, only IE supports multiple view function.

Here are steps to set up multiple view. We take one as example. it doesn't matter that your camera's interface is different, because the method is the same.
1. Please access camera on IE browser.
2. Please go to camera's setting page and find multiple view setting.
3. Please select camera's IP or input it manually, camera's user name and password like below picture.

4. Click multiple grids on panel to check if it succeeds.
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